BEST Skills Academy

BEST Skills Academy is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit that believes in using a mentoring approach to education. We serve disadvantaged students who are in public school or have a goal of transitioning into public school. We provide educational support and a mentoring program that teaches students the life skills needed after high school.


Middle School Program (6th-8th)

This is a technology-rich program for students in grades 6th through 8th. Individual and group academic instruction and mentoring will be provided to students.

High School Program (9th-12th)

The high school is designed to assist committed students in public virtual high schools. BEST gives academic support and assists them with reaching their goals after high school.

Academic Coaching (11th-College)

This program was created to help students entering college and currently in college. BEST walks with students in every phase of college life through coaching and helping them come up with a long-term game plan.

Other Outside Services


BEST Skills Academic assist students reach their academic goals. Every student has a distinct method of processing information and learning. Lessons tailored to your specific student will help them advance academically and gain confidence in what they are learning.

Group Mentoring

BEST SKills staff and other community organizations navigate a fun and engaging weekly curriculum in a supervised, school-based setting to develop the most critical skills that middle school students need to thrive in school and life.

What they say about BEST Skills Academy

My granddaughter struggled with the transition to high school. Covid made the stuggle even worse. The staff at BEST help her through this taugh time. Now I look forward to seeing her graduate high school this June.

― Alice, Grade 12 grandparent

My daughter has loved working with the staff at BEST Skills for the last 2 years. The academic support and advice made a big difference and I’m so proud that she has been accepted into all of the top colleges that she applied to!

― Trez, Grade 12 parent

About us

BEST Skills Academy, is a place of personal and educational excellence.

We show your students how to meet their full potential.

28 Bolt Street
Greenville, SC