Students today are facing many pressing issues – higher standards, a fast-paced world, and constant advancements in technology. This is why BEST has embraced blended learning. Blended learning combines face-to-face instruction and technology to increase personalization, engagement, and mastery of essential skills.

Blended learning integrates online content and instruction with traditional classroom teaching and experiences. In many ways, blended learning is more rigorous than traditional programs because it requires motivation, perseverance, and organization from students to stay on track. Utilizing a state of the art, customizable curriculum, BEST is able to assess students and develop an academic plan that is specific to the student. This allows for self-paced learning that is flexible and unique.

One of the major benefits of blended learning in the classroom is that it personalizes learning to enable instructors to work one-on-one with students. Students are empowered to set goals in order to have a clear idea of what their expectations are, the milestones they need to meet to achieve them, and where to focus their time and energy. Students are able to and encouraged to take a more active role in their learning experience. BEST fosters an environment where students have greater accountability and ownership over their work.

At BEST, we believe that interpersonal skills are just as important as academic success. For this reason, we place an emphasis on developing those skills. A dual approach with academics allows us to prepare students, not just for the academic world but for real world success as well.

The interpersonal skills that are intertwined with the student’s academic day, will prepare him or her for a vital role within a 21st Century society. When students graduate from high school, academics are not the only test these young men and women will face. This world is an incredibly complex maze of world-views, conflicts and values. Graduating an academically competent student does not necessarily mean a school has adequately equipped a student with the skills to interact with society. It is our desire to graduate both academically and socially excellent wise young men and women.