Educational Philosophy

  • Accountability- BEST focuses on teaching students how to be accountable not only with academics but with their behavior. Students are encouraged to be active participants in their education and with active parent involvement, they are accountable for their behavior inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Career Preparation- BEST seeks to prepare students for real world experience. At BEST, it is believed that exposing youth to a variety of careers will help prepare them for potential careers. Professionals from a variety of careers will be brought in to speak with students and answer any questions they may have as they discuss their careers. We, at BEST want to help prepare students for scenarios such as job interviews and resume writing.
  • Character Development- BEST seeks to help students mature and grow not only academically but also personally. The focus is not only on academic integrity but also on character growth, personal integrity and maturity.
  • College Readiness- BEST seeks to prepare students for the next level of education. College readiness is one of the key components to education at BEST. While some students may choose a vocational route, many students will choose to pursue higher education. BEST is committed to producing highly educated, college-ready, young adults who are able to function in the world.
  • Empathy- We at BEST believe that one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the ability to have empathy. The ability to share in the feelings of another and to have an understanding of what others are going through enables individuals to go through life with empathy and sensitivity to others. In our society today, there is too little empathy and understanding. It is the goal of BEST to ensure that our students are not only successful academically but also personally.
  • Interpersonal Skills- BEST seeks to take a unique approach to Interpersonal Skills. Youth are educated in a variety of skills, such as communication, accountability, managing stress, and good work habits. We at BEST believe in the value of educating youth in how to function and navigate today’s world. Much of the relational exchange in today’s society is electronic, removing the personal aspect. Our goal is to prepare students for those interpersonal relationships, both personal and professional, where they will flourish and succeed.