High School and College Academic Coaching

Welcome to our High School and College Academic Coaching Program, a transformative journey that empowers high school and college students to excel in their studies and beyond. Our comprehensive academic coaching and college prep plans are designed to equip students with essential skills and strategies that will set them on the path to success. Whether you’re looking to thrive in high school, prepare for college admissions, or both, our expert coaches are here to guide you every step of the way.

Academic Coaching Plans

Empower your student’s academic journey with regular check-ins, goal prioritization, planning strategies, scheduling accountability, executive functioning skill enhancement, self-advocacy cultivation, and tailored academic support.

  • Regular Check-ins: Stay on track between sessions with text messages or emails to keep your student motivated and accountable.
  •  Goal Prioritization: Teach your student how to set actionable goals that align with their aspirations and map out a path to achieve them.
  •  Effective Planning Strategies: Implement proven strategies to enhance your student’s organization skills, making it easier to manage assignments and deadlines.
  •  Scheduling with Accountability: Help your student master time management techniques that ensure they stay focused, efficient, and well-prepared.
  •  Enhance Executive Functioning Skills: Help your student develop strong executive functioning skills, including organization, time management, and emotional regulation, to overcome obstacles confidently.
  •  Cultivate Self-Advocacy: Help your student gain the ability to confidently express needs, seek help, and advocate for oneself, both academically and in personal life.
  •  Academic Support: Your student will receive tutoring in general academic classes to reinforce learning and address specific subject challenges.

Empower Plan

4 sessions (one session a week)


Development Plan

8 sessions (two sessions a week)


Intense Success Plan

16 sessions (four sessions a week)


College Prep Plan (11th-12th Graders)

Our College Prep Plan empowers your student to craft a standout academic profile, navigate assessments, connect with dream colleges, and excel in applications with expert guidance.

  • Craft an Impressive Academic Profile: We’ll help your student showcase their strengths, accomplishments, and passions in a way that captures the attention of college admissions teams.
  • Build Your Academic CV (Curriculum Vitae): We will assist your student in creating a compelling academic CV that highlights their academic journey, extracurricular activities, and leadership roles.
  • Explore College Majors and Opportunities: Your student will discover their interests and potential college majors through guided exploration, ensuring informed decisions about their academic path.
  • Research Colleges and Create an Appropriate List: We’ll work together to curate a list of colleges that align with student’s aspirations and provide the best opportunities for their growth.
  • Navigate College Assessment Choices: Confused about whether to take the ACT, SAT, or another assessment? We’ll help your student weigh the options and choose the best fit for their strengths.
  • Effective ACT/SAT Review and Prep: Our coaches will guide your student through comprehensive ACT/SAT preparation, ensuring they’re well-prepared for these crucial assessments.
  • Reach Out to Top Choice Colleges: We’ll assist your student in initiating contact with their dream colleges, showcasing their interest and enthusiasm for their programs.
  • Stay on Top of Deadlines: We understand the importance of deadlines. With our support, your student will never miss a crucial date, ensuring a smooth application process.
  • Brainstorm Essay Ideas: Crafting a compelling college essay is essential. Our brainstorming sessions will help your student discover unique essay topics that showcase their personality and experiences.
  • Review Financial Aid and Scholarship Options: Navigating financial aid, grants, and scholarships can be overwhelming. We’ll help your student explore their options and maximize their potential for financial support.

4 sessions (one session a week)