Middle School

This is a technology-rich program for students in grades 6 through 8. Individual and group academic instruction and mentoring will be provided to students. This unique learning environment follows South Carolina’s educational standards. Students will participate in our online curriculum with the instruction and guidance of our teachers and academic mentors. Students will benefit from the flexibility of an online curriculum as well as the one-on-one help that they may need in certain subjects. Our goal is to promote diversity and independent thinking while supporting each student individually to help them become confident to re-enter public school.

As a private nonprofit, we are fortunate to be able to design our curriculum to meet the needs of each student while also adhering to the South Carolina educational standards. Our curriculum is personalized based on the desire to teach through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic methods. We pursue all aspects of academic learning, from core subjects to science and social studies, with a strong emphasis on interpersonal skills through mentoring.