Middle School

The ethos of the middle school at BEST Skills Academy is that it welcomes and embraces a technology-supporting environment, in order to facilitate learning by South Carolina’s educational standards.¬†Students, while having online classes, will benefit from having educators readily available to help assist with lessons, provide guidance and support. Students will benefit from the flexibility of an online curriculum as well as the one-on-one help that they may need in certain subjects. Our goal is to promote diversity and independent thinking as well as to support our students in an individualized way that public schools cannot meet.

As a private school, we are fortunate to be able to design our curriculum to meet the needs of our students while also meeting and exceeding South Carolina educational standards. Our curriculum is based on the desire to learn through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic means. We cover all aspects of academic learning, from core subjects to science and social studies, with a strong emphasis on interpersonal skills.