Community Impact

Small class size


Why BEST Is Needed: Greenville County students advancing to grade 8 face difficulties in meeting the state standards for Math and English, with over half failing to meet them, significantly impacting the likelihood of not graduating. [1]

What BEST Is Doing: Our proven holistic academic and mentoring curriculum helped middle school students gain two grade levels in reading and math, and high school students achieved a 1-point GPA increase in one year.

Impact BEST Can Make: Empowering students to reach higher levels of proficiency in math and reading is pivotal in setting them on a path to academic success and eventual graduation from high school. Not only does this open up opportunities for secure and well-paying jobs, but it also mitigates their risk of developing health issues. [2]

Economic Mobility

Why BEST Is Needed: Economic mobility is directly related to education. On average, high school dropouts earn 34% less compared to high school graduates who in turn earn 44% less than college graduates. In South Carolina, only those with a college degree can meet the basic needs for a family consisting of one adult and one child. [3] [4]

What BEST Is Doing: We place a strong emphasis on Financial Literacy, with a comprehensive curriculum covering essential topics such as Financial Responsibility, Credit/Debt, and Investing. Our approach is making a significant impact, with 83% of our students reporting a noticeable increase in their financial knowledge after just one semester.

Impact BEST Can Make: Improving economic mobility, reducing financial burdens, and promoting education can lead to a more equitable and prosperous society. By addressing these issues, we can enhance the financial situation of individuals, reduce poverty rates, and promote greater economic growth for the community as a whole.


Why BEST Is Needed: In Greenville County, only 2.2% of young people have access to formal mentoring relationships, compared to a national average of 8%. One in three young people in the US grow up without a mentor, highlighting the need for more support and guidance outside of the family. [5]

What BEST Is Doing: BEST stands out from other schools due to its emphasis on mentoring, with each student receiving 180 hours of mentorship. This unique approach combines traditional education with practical, real-world applications and takes place in a small classroom setting, enabling each student to reach their full potential.

Impact BEST Can Make: Mentoring programs have been found to have a positive impact on multiple aspects of children’s lives. Specifically, mentoring has been linked to decreased rates of drug and alcohol use, reduced violent behavior, improved social-emotional development, stronger relationships with parents, and increased opportunities for higher education. [6]