BEST is an independent middle school and high school learning center that’s here to help students in grades 6 through 12 thrive!

BEST works closely with parents and students to create personalized plans that cater to each child’s unique learning style, offering guidance and mentorship to help them grow academically and personally.

The BEST Difference

  • 180 hours of mentoring is what separates us from every other school.
  • We offer daily mentoring classes, maintain a 1 to 10 teacher-to-student ratio, and create personalized learning plans for each student.
  • Our proven holistic academic and mentoring curriculum helped middle school students gain two grade levels in reading and math, and high school students achieved a 1-point GPA increase in one year.
  • Our surveys show that 83% of our students feel more financially literate, and all of our students and parents report an increase in confidence, problem-solving skills, communication skills, and overall satisfaction with BEST.

Digital Academic Curriculum

  • Evidenced Based
  • Follows State Standards

Mentoring Curriculum

  • Researched Based
  • Emphasis on Critical Thinking and Character Development

Financial Literacy

  • Topics include but are not limited to Financial Responsibility, Credit / Debt, and Investing

Reading Comprehension

  • Physical books are read as part of additional curriculum

Personalized Educational Guidance

  • Diagnose educational gaps
  • Provide personal educational plans to fill gaps


Independent Middle School

BEST offers a personalized and innovative middle school program with individual and group academic instruction, online curriculum, and strong emphasis on interpersonal skills development.

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Paul and Zoe
Mya and Banks

High School Learning Center

BEST  high school learning center provides a flexible and comprehensive education with personalized curriculum and onsite instructors to support students’ academic pursuits.

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Pandemic Achievement Gap

Lifetime Earnings

Pandemic Learning Loss Could Cost U.S. Students $2 Trillion in Lifetime Earnings.

Math and Reading

Math and Reading achievement levels during COVID-19 continue to lag behind historical averages, with larger declines in math.

Middle School

In grades 6 through 8, it would take an additional 14 to 19 weeks of instruction to recover the losses in reading and math, respectively.


Evidence is showing that students in high-poverty schools, students of color and white students who were scoring below grade level before the pandemic have lost the most ground academically.

BEST has been an answer to prayer for us; we are thrilled with their expectations for our child and how they incorporate life skills into their curriculum. Our child is happy to go to school every day!
Margaret M.Grandparent: 7th Grade Student
My daughter has loved working with the staff at BEST Skills for the last 2 years. The academic support and advice made a big difference and I’m so proud that she has been accepted into all of the top colleges that she applied to!
Atrez F.Parent: 12th Grade Student