BEST Skills Academy is currently enrolling high school students who are attending a public Virtual School program for the 2022-2023 school year.  The BEST Virtual Program offers students a flexible approach to their schedules with the full support of staff.  Students who attend BEST while enrolled in Greenville County’s Virtual School program and Odyssey Online Learning will enjoy the flexibility that the Virtual Program offers, including participating in sports at their home school, while still benefiting from having instructors onsite.  BEST Skills Academy also offers enrollment and curriculum for middle school students that are seeking a private specialized school environment.

For more information or to enroll contact us at 864-977-1285 or

About Best Skills Academy:  BEST Skills Academy is a nonprofit organization located at 28 Bolt Street in Downtown Greenville, SC.  BEST develops a specialized education plan for each student and works with parents and students to pace the individual student’s education, to ensure success.  BEST currently offers enrollment from grades 6-12. The BEST Virtual Program is offered to high school students currently enrolled in the Greenville County Virtual School Program and Odyssey Online Learning Charter School.  All students at BEST receive academic support and life coaching to achieve their goals.